Hagridden by Samuel Snoek-Brown

Praise for Hagridden

"Hagridden is a novel for the ages, with shades of Cormac McCarthy and William Gay, par exemple, and a book that will let you hear the backwoods howling and force the hair to stand upright on the back of your neck. It’s that good, that unforgettable."

– Rusty Barnes, author of Reckoning

"Hagridden's a page-turner of the very best sort: historically authentic and highly literate, yet replete with the gritty pleasures of a crime thriller. Though the novel speaks to the horror, exhilaration, and relentlessness of war throughout time, its characters feel utterly grounded in their particular place and period. A debut to reckon with."

– Pinckney Benedict, author Gods of War and Miracle Boy

"Samuel Snoek-Brown writes the kind of prose I like best—muscular but spare, lovely but harsh. This is a novel to read, a writer to watch. Highly, highly recommended."

– Tom Franklin, NYT bestselling author of Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter